PGD Real Success Rates

The numbers. The statistics. Some folks just want to see the data and the way the numbers pan out. They may or may not take your word for it, but some just want to see the proof, the evidence, the data results for themselves to then draw their own conclusions.

As for gender selection, this may be off-putting to many who do not know he data surrounding the topic. PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis, has a very high success rate. See what this means at If more services are needed, that can be arranged as well. Donor eggs, donor sperm, frozen eggs, frozen embryos, all of those are plausible options depending on your current situation as well. It is not a one size fits all kind of deal. Each family has unique needs and those can generally be met within reason. The good news is that the success rates are high for these kinds of procedures. The biggest factor is mainly age in the mother who will be carrying the child(ren). Other than that in the realm of gender selection the odds are actually in your favor!

Clothes Shopping is Family Time

The kids have grown several inches, their pants are all worn out, their jacket sleeves reach just below their elbows, and their shoes have holes in them. You have to go school shopping, but you want to stick to a budget – you’ve got other kids to buy for also.

As a family with five kids, we have this system worked out. First, we have a fashion show before we begin shopping. We pull out all the Fall clothes and try them on. I keep a list of what each child has, and specific things they need, such as a shirt to go with their red plaid skirt. Once we have taken inventory, we have a good idea of what we will need to buy.

Before the shopping excursion, we go get lunch. This is a tradition with my girls, and as my boys grow, I”ll start one with them as well. We chill at our favorite restaurant and fill up on the energy we”ll need to tackle the clothes shopping. This year, their grandmother and aunt came too.

Once we hit the stores, I look to see what sales are being offered and focus on the clothes we need that fall in line with the sales. If one store has a great sale on jeans, we”ll look there first. Once we get the essentials, the girls can begin looking for other fashions that they want but don’t need. We end it by finding some great shoes that will last throughout the year and be comfortable on their feet. This is an area that I like to splurge a little more and get a good quality shoe. They provide better cushion and support that my growing children need.

I enjoy doing this with my kids and they enjoy it, too. It is a great time to be together so we do not take life for granted!

Owls are the perfect choice to decorate a child’s bedroom

The owl’s symbolic nature of learning and wisdom is a positive mascot to promote learning and growth in your child’s mind and body.

Owl bedding sets vary in designs and styles and there are plenty of choices that will satisfy you and your child’s personal tastes. Most bedding sets are available in twin, full and queen bed sizes to accommodate any bedroom configuration that you require. When you’re selecting your bedding set, it’s worth checking on what additional bedroom accessories are available to complete your owl bedroom theme. Some of the most common and useful bedroom accessories are matching sheet sets for the bed, cushions for that extra comfort, a floor mat or pictures to hang on the wall to add color and character to the room. They will all contribute to the ambiance and atmosphere of the room and will help you create a memorable owl bedroom for your little girl.