Inspect Your Home Or Pay The Price

Through the years I have come to realize that social workers do a bit of everything. At this point in my career I am working with the homeless.

Low income housing and case management services help people get a fresh start in life.

But very often the conditions are not safe and present health problems.

This means that I help out with everything from setting up counseling appointments to setting up fire extinguisher inspections. I am a landlord and case manager rolled into one.

I used to work for an agency that handled child protection assessments. I was required to spend a great deal of time in the courtroom making recommendations regarding where children should live and what counseling services the family needed. It was a high paying job with a great deal of stress. I never thought that I would switch from working with the county attorneys office and the sheriff’s department to changing light bulbs and calling companies for fire extinguisher inspections.

The change in employment has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

After being used for several years, homes just like anything else are bound to have deformities here and there. While some of these deformities are easily discernible, others cannot be seen as easily and for these accurate home inspections are necessary.

Among the places that need to be inspected accurately in the house include behind insulation, in walls, floors and so on. There are three ways through which a home inspection can be undertaken and these can be by the owner of the house, a hired contractor or a company that solely deals with home inspection.

Professional property inspectors are probably the best choice if the inspection of a home is to be accurate and for these one should ensure that they only hire an experienced and affordable inspector who only has their interest in mind. Home inspectors that are referred at times have problems with morality.

Accurate home inspections are quite necessary as they maker a home buyer make an informed decision before buying a particular property. There is also the anxiety that comes with buying a new home and a good home inspection is one way laying any anxiety a potential buyer could be having to rest.

For home owners home inspection is beneficial as well because it help them improve their homes thereby raising its market value. A home owner will also be spared contract contingencies if they undertake home inspection because they will implement the advice given by their inspector and hence repair anything that needs rectification.

Prior to undertaking the project one should however carry out some preparations and the first of these is clean and scrub the home. This will help in the inspector having an easier time as they inspect the house.

The owner of the house should also ensure that every utility in the house is functional. Such utilities include the gas stove, furnace, air conditioner, dish washer. Checking if they are functional will also help to examine holders incase of reverse grounding or polarity. In order to carry out accurate home inspections all remote controls and keys should be made accessible.

These are what will enable the inspector to get into electrical boxes, garage, basement and outbuildings. The exterior areas should be cleaned as well and this includes removing trash from the area as well. All documents pertaining to any repairs carried should also be kept in handy for the perusal of the person who is going to carry out the inspection.

Standard accurate home inspections follow a particular list with specific parts of the house and what should be checked there. For instance the craw space /basement should be checked for wetness, cracks, mold, standing, settling and stains.

As for floors the inspector should look for fungus and split or dry wood and water damage.

Walls on the other hand should be checked for bulges and settlement. A good homer inspector should also not leave out the wiring, plumbing bathroom and kitchen. If all these are undertaken as it should, then the home can be said to have undergone an accurate inspection.