Remember the old Hair Spray

Are you having a good hair day? This is an issue I’ve heard come up countless times in my very own home. Living with three girls, I guess it’s to be expected. Let’s face it; most women are very much into their hair. It’s that one feature they spend oodles of time on every morning. From hair sprays, to mousse, to gels, to wax, to pomades, to paste, they get that dew just the way they want it. I can’t imagine there’s any losing with all the hair products gracing the market these days. Heck, you could even tame Medusa’s hair with this stuff.

I will never forget the annoying 1980s. I may have just been a young sprout, but I remember quite well all the time my two older step-brothers spent on their hair. We’re talking hair sprays galore. The main one in their bathroom cabinet? Aqua net! Yeah baby, if you know the 80s, you’ve got to know this hair spray. It was probably the cheapest, and most rank of hair products on the market. And yet my two step-brothers used it like it was some sort of life-source. They would get ready to go out on the town every Friday and Saturday night. As soon as they got out of the shower it leaked everywhere. They sprayed it all over the bathroom. Man, the bathroom wreaked of Aqua net foulness. You should have seen when they were all set and ready to go. Their head follicles were like cement to the touch. There was no breaking down that fortress of stylish dew. Anyway, how can I not make fun of that now? The older of the two would even use hair sprays before he went to bed. This made absolutely no sense to me. He hosed his head down and primped it to perfection just before crawling under the covers. What a weird guy! I’m so glad I wasn’t a teen in the 80s.

Well, hair sprays of all sorts haven’t gone out of style by any means. Plenty of men and women still trust in these products to tame their wild dews. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping around is that not all hair sprays are created equally. There are still come doozies out there such as Aqua net and White Rain. But then there are some finer products like Ojon and Aveda that get the job done right. You’ll certainly notice a difference in the quality if you try a bit of both. Spray on folks, spray on!