Text Flirting Tips For Texting Girls

So you have a girls telephone number and now you intend to entice her using text. Text flirting is a critical skill in today’s modern social scene. If you have no idea how to do it correctly, you’re going to be left with no girls. Trust me, now that I know more about texting, my dating has improved significantly. In this article I’m going to tell you about some text flirting tips that you will want to know about.


When I first began texting girls, I believed that I needed to follow the same general rules of teasing. Trust me, flirting with girls over text is different from flirting with girls face to face.. Sure, you want to tease the girl, but you need to take it further than that.

With regular teasing, the goal is to make fun of a girls insecurities in order to get an emational response. She’ll wonder why you’re not like the rest of the guys that flatter her all the time. You then want to follow-up your teasing with a little compliment of some kind. Mixed signals are your greatest dating asset. TextingGirlsTips.com

Ok, so you’re probably thinking exactly what are these text flirting strategies. Well, remember just what I said concerning taking teasing up a notch? While texting a girl you have to be a little much more cynical and mean than face to face flirting. This does not mean that you should make her cry. Yet it does mean that you must be more cocky and comical than usual.

The approach you want to use throughout your entire communication with her is cocky and amusing. Never ever give her a straight answer and constantly bust on her for something.